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Reviews for "Sonic Epoch: Best of vol2"

even sonic fans say haha

that is one of the funniest things i've ever seen!! now i love sonic but thats too funny!!

...Are you trying to submit crappy stuff??

Are you guys mad? Why the fuck are you making fun of a video game? A good one at that...This has about 1 minute of animation in total...If you guys are trying to make something like Metal Gear Awesome, it didn't work I'm surprised to see all these high scores...The loading screen was sloppy too, it was looped and you could hear the pause when it re looped. Learn to animate or don't at all.
The Don'ts:
*Don't try to copy things that were a success, be original
*Don't make fun of great video games this way...people will think you're perverted morons..i do
*Don't just find random pictures of the internet and post them as a "best of". Yeah just slap a song on there and you got the next tankman zzz.
*DONT USE A CRAPPY TARGET DESK MIC. YEs it might be cheap but they suck.
*DONT draw crappy pictures you slapped together with one minute...the characters looked ill proportioned and look like they were born with two times the amount of body parts on a normal guy
Best of? I really don't want my eyes to bleed for the other stuff...

FatBadger responds:

Flash by Xiaosainzboy:
- none -


Nicely done, im a big fan of any sort of sonic related flash but when you put four shorts into the one flash im going to have a ball and i did. I loved that tails episode i have to say that sonic walking in on that scene was just too much for me to handle. Overall the graphics werent the best but the voice acting and the humour were both good points.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Not really the best.

Good was it but not superbe.


I love the Sonic Epochs, funniest things I've seen in a LONG time. I can't say much else besides that you opened my eyes the world of burger porn.