Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 14"


RAB rocks! I've seen every single episode! dave is my idol!


thats all i can say about this cartoon that it is amazing sure the humor in it is gross but that just raises the bar that one extra step bravo excellent cartoon by the way i have followed all the RAB so far and i think this one or the D&D one are the best ones

Fan-bloody-tastic (yes im english)

Dave and whoever else involved are geniuses, plz plz make more, im glad ur makin it a livin. Kepp it up, hope 2 see this on TV sometime, i don't rly see why it isn't, it's so hilairious, we get somebullshit on telly sumtimes and this beats all of it by miles.

Best yet excelent work Cant wait untill RAB 15

Thanks for the best animations on NG but ive noticed you hav mist RAB 9 Keep up the work


God I love that series,keep going XD...I wonder where u get all those crazy ideas....Perverted puppy...."Fools not worthy to suck the chum from the rectal cavity of the lowest slave girl of Boobulon" XD...You are CRAZY!But its damn fun...A 5..there u go :D.Nice job.