Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 14"

hell yeah

holy christwagons! that was halarius keep up the good work my man


So does this mean you won't be posting r.a.b. on newgrounds anymore? or will you be posting them on both idiotmagnet and newgrounds?

really funny.

i cant wait for the next episodes to come out.keep it up...u just set urself up for an infinite amount of episodes to come :D

keep em going man

it's been said, this is the best one.

Aside from 13, this one continues the RAB awsomeness we all know.

Thought Bunny sounded a little too Snoby

Way 2 go 4 Puppy (I bet Glen Quagmire from Family guy would want to be puppy in 50 years) Good 4 Hamster, Cat l think is really the only one that aged, and as for donkey 2 words 4 sylables: Lipo Suction!