Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 14"


A little too funny O_o


I DIDNT even see the flash but im saying it was good because every single rab flash was fucken alsome!!!!!! I waited for ever!!! for the next retarted animal babies flash!!!

Great beard of zues it was good to watch that.

A couple of weeks ago i logged on to NG for the first time in a while and thought, "hmm i bet you there wil lbe another retarded animbal babies around this time, it better be good" Well it was better than i ever imagined...keep it up!

once again i am speechless

Bravo! I love the series, lots of blood and guts ^o^ Hilarious time and time again im always laughing until i cant breathe anymore. Maybe someday i will learn to make flashes funny like this hehe

To the last guy

the "THE END" that hamster usually says comes after the credits, if you actually took some time to appreciate the people who brought you this excellent movie, you may not have missed it.

anyway great movie, Dave you rule