Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 14"

Totally Retarded.

lol fucking insane man. mmm shitpie

i'm turbo boosting this review!

Disgusting . An insult to humanity. Sickening.

A waste of talent that is sure to be a big hit and take over the world.

Dave, you did it again.

I bow to you.

~_-Read This Dave-_~_-Dave Read This-_~

Well I haven't reviewed in a while but, RAB is my favorite series so why not...
Here are a few suggestions...

Make a full-length movie of just RAB and put it with all the other RAB videos so far onto a DVD sell it for 30$ or under because I know me and a bunch of your other fans would buy it!

Here are a few complaints...

Some of the episodes were slow and boring, but since this one brought RAB back to its roots I hope to see more like it!

Never gets old

I will NEVER get tired of RAB!!!

Also, Dave, if that's your real voice in the deleted scene, has anyone ever told you that you sound alot like Matt Groening?