Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 14"

it was cool

it wasnt as funny as the others...but i guess its just a way to make the rab stay young forever so it makes sense unlike..lets say the simpsons where bart and lisa and maggie are the same age after how many years lol, good work

it was pretty good

this rab wans't as funny as all the other ones


it was interesting how you showed them in the future and you still keep it funny even know this is the 14th episode I'm Impressed!

Nice one

14th in the series and it's still entertaining!

The ruler of boobulon 7 got what was coming!

I tried to rate this submittion from a neutral perspective. I am a fan of RAB and have seen all 14 of them over and over again. The other day I relayed to Dave that my wife thought this one was alittle over the top. Umm, this is coming from a woman that uses the word FUCK in every other sentence so I'm not going to put much stock in her opinion. RAB is not for the kiddies it is for a more "adult" audience.(not that the maturity level of some of us adults is much over a kids.) I have been waiting for this submittion for a good while and I am not disapointed. Very professionally done. I like the fact that these things are getting longer. It shows that this may be evolving into a cartoon like some of the more famouse ones on cable and network tv. I can only say that I hope that Dave's venture with this new site and RAB works out well. and actually makes him some cash. #14 has a good plot and story line and the problem is resolved with the charicters ultamitely turning back into "babies" again. I see this as the first in a new RAB legacy.
this is great stuff! Good luck Dave".