Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 14"

F*** YEAH!!!

this is awsome man but i have to admit that was a pretty cool future and im not really surprised what happened to donkey lol

Awesome , Twisted, and original as always.

It´s incredible to have another RAB episode Dave !!! Even for a "comic" series as twisted as this, the characters managed (actually , you did) to evolve, and the series didn´t get "stale" or repetitive in any way, wich is really hard to do when somthing goes for as long as this one did !
The episode made me laugh like hell, and I loved the ending...
By the way, I always wonder how do you manage to Voice Sean Connery... (me and my father used to joke about his accent waaaay before I saw RAB for the first time, so his appearance is really a feature I love about this series).

CONGRATULATIONS Dave, this is a great series, an awesome chapter, and I really hope you are doing great on your life !
Kudos from Argentina !

retarded forever

The end is a bit predictable.
For the rest great story! I have to laugh every time.

Typical sickening fun :)

But it was a bit confusing with all the time travelling...

Yeah, nice. Full vote.

The plot is thicker in this one than in most others. One of my favorite.