Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 14"

HAhah doggy upgraded his dick to so may things wtf

They were disgusted by how Puppy fucked the shit pie? They were already eating shit. I guess even they have standards. In a weird way, this was kind of heartwarming. I really liked the idea of these characters coming back as adults. Their voices were so cool.

Why would there be an ass cannon? It's a planet made of boobs! This was extremely hilarious and as awesome as ever. I really did feel for these characters. I guess those kids are better off without a grandfather.

Definitely one of the 5 best RAB episodes, and not just because the plot is wonderfully diverse. Additional VA's of exceptional skills, new futuristic characters, Satan... and an evil Puppy with an Ass Canon. Yup, lots of action and locations in dis one.


Even with 20+ episodes I can't decide which ones my favorite! Because even years later they're still a joy to watch and that says a lot :3 This episode was done very nicely seeing we now know cat is the smartest one of the bunch and Puppy is still Horny it still is a riot.

Keep up the good work!

Woot this seires rocks !!!

THIS SEIRES ROCKS. dont say this reveiw is useless.