Reviews for "Snobody"

Bit anti-climatic

It's interesting to look back and see how far you have come with this series. This was a good flash in itself, but it does kind of pale in comparison to your later work with the "Zanta Claws" series. I thought every year was going to be a perfect addition of three, but I was wrong. It was cool how you had the song being used as part of the dialogue, or really the only dialogue. This seemed to focus a lot on music, especially with the use of the "Bird Is The Word" song. Those things never get old, do they?

It's hard to suggest for improvement because you got better. This also seemed to be fairly gag based as it was mostly just slapstick. It was still kind of interesting to see it play out it as a shaggy dog story. He had all those flashbacks and it was like he was going to make it different this year, but it was not. Also a nice touch to include the image of him with his tongue stuck in the credits.


friggin awsome

Very Good!

The video is good,but because the last song it is my favorite!!!Love the laughing part!!Feel good forever :D!!!


awesome as always


I love how Feel Good Inc. started playing XD Great video! :D Loved it