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Reviews for "Snobody"

oh jeez

he really hasn't had good luck with the cold has he? it was pretty funny. and the ending was good too. very creative with combining the gorillaz song with the actual flash. good job.

Nice little short funny toon

Hey this could count as a Christmas toon right? Its short... funny, not too vulgar, not bad at all, keep it up, maybe sharpen up those edges a bit.

wOW, nice

I really liked everything about your movie. If it was a little longer it would've been much greater. I love the whole timeline of his life thing. Every one was so funny. The kid laughing at the end with the intro to Feel Good Inc. was a nice touch. I really enjoyed your movie. I can't wait to see more.

this is so funny\...

lolz...you got a cool ass idea and turned it flash....very creative.....

i like the ending......gorillaz RULEZZ