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Reviews for "Snobody"

Flashbacks were good

Laugh from the Guerillaz song was right on the money with the timing.

And something aside to Edd; personally, I think bacon is the best food ever!


good use of the ending for tord and u awesome keep it up and also plz i insist use more gorrilaz.there awesome


its funny when he gets his tounge stuck to a pole that must hurt like hell.
BTW. its called surfin bird not bird is the word

Funny! XD

This flash was so funny. And so are you, which is why you're one of my favorite flash authors. :P

The part that probably made me laugh the most was when your tongue got stuck to the pole (no offense). But this piece of flash could've been a bit longer, though.

But despite that, I'm still giving this a 10/10.


wow. I remember when I got my tongue stuck to a pole. what frustration. it was a dare that caused me great pain in the mouth.