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Reviews for "Mega Man 3 - Skull Castle"

Yea this is MM3 Weapon Get

Still awesome though...

Wait a minute

This was MM3 after you toasted a robot master


Sounds good. Are you sure this is skull castle though? Anyways keep up the good work. Best regards from stage3-1.

Slug-Salt responds:

yeah aparently this is stage select, had them labled wrong :P thanks for the heads up.

Great loop!!

I wasn't going to click this at first because I thought "oh my another Skull Castle cover, I've heard dozens of these." You should know this is NOT Skull Castle, but rather it's a remix of the Stage Select Screen and I really like what you did with it! Loops perfectly. Nice work. I'll have to use this in a submission. Seriously, though, change the name.

Slug-Salt responds:

lol damn your right! skull castle is the other one i did, must have uploaded the wrong one. this one is cool too though. I usualy don't do midi remixes but I dig this song alot. thanks for the review sir!

pretty good

doesn't loop quiet perfectly.