Reviews for "TAP Christmas E-Card"

That was great.

Deserves an award of some sort. Good job.

munchmed responds:

hmm, i guess not (:(

Lazer'd. lol.

Pretty funny. And ow the quality of sound! :O

(But you did warn us. :P)

Anyway, really funny, I am actually going to use this as an e-card to show my mates. :)

munchmed responds:

hahah! brill :P

Nice Ecard Munch!

Its Rade here wishing you a Merry Christmas!
The flash was funny and Graphics were as awalys much style.

The sound on the other hand needs some work.
Tons of laughts from this flash alone was good. Love the song at the end! Peace Munch.

munchmed responds:

cheers :D


good work muchie nice graphics but alas i must comment on the sound, you should by a good mic and download mixcraft or somthing better:P

(by the way this is flash_bass of bitey)

munchmed responds:

yeh, it was more my sister screaming into it


umm what can i say???? wierd?

munchmed responds:

you can say that if you want ;)