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Reviews for "FDay2: Parody"


i started to watch the little moving arrow and drown out the STUPID MONO-TONE ROBOT VOICE that was preaching about some bullshit...

WinchesterLock responds:

I take it somebody didn't wait til the end :O

Wow, that was awesome+infinity+1

Scratch RenegadeClock's Foamy parody, THIS is the greatest Foamy parody (and one of the greatest flashes) that I have seem for a long time. Although the graphics are clock crew-style simple, the content was made of exuberance with a simple but awesome style. Not to mention that it made me laugh out of my seat.

It's people like you and Zekey that holds my respect for the Star Syndicate. Please keep on making flashes like this, since it is simply awesome.

<3 Clock Crew
<3 Lock Legion

Great Job :D

WinchesterLock responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. : )

Educate the masses!

Excellence through education, now for the mass genocide of morons!... wait... no...

I need some banjo musik

WinchesterLock responds:



I was wondering what F-day meant...I'd be right in assuming it's Foamy, right? lol this did make me think of his squeaking rants...I don't particularly hate illwillpress or Foamy but sometimes it does annoy me, especially when people act like he's God/the lowest crap on earth, lol.
Anyway...despite being little more than a picture with sound and little animation...it made me laugh a bit, so I'll vote protection on this. ^_^