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Reviews for "FDay2: Parody"

Typical nonesense Im used to.

I'd like to see you use real voices rather then this crap. Also think of something different. Parodys are good but this wasn't funny at all. No im not throwing insults this is only my opinion. Some others may like it but it wasn't my cup o tea. THOUGH i would LIKE to see you put out something good. you DO have skills please do something with them and for gods sake use your imagination!

WinchesterLock responds:

Watch the typical Foamy Movie for details on the aspects of parody I was referring to.

Don't tell me what a parody is

Most of the stuff I blammed (yes, I blammed it) were not parodies, but instead crappy insults that included either really bad knock-offs or copying and pasting *ahem* of others' characters.

You shouldn't have to tell me to laugh because it's a parody. It should be funny if you want me to laugh.

Pallid Fingers (1 & 2) was a good parody. Used the parodied artist's style, yet was done by the new artist and done humorously.

That was terrible.

Maybe next time do some more stuff u moron. Also a retarded spastic monkey could make that by himself so i would say it didn't take four people

multi-author ?!?!?!?

im pretty sure it didnt take 4 people to make that the only animation was the arrow thing rotating back and forth that must have been made in 10 mins next time make more animation

WinchesterLock responds:

Actually 2 of them gave me ideas but I did the animation and script writing.


2 educational 4 me dude..... ./\'