Reviews for "Crazy Steven"


OMG so crazy, it's so good, beautiful graphic, good appreciasion of gameplay, yey it's a great game ^^

one of the funnest games ive ever played!

the top said it all! 10/10


Worst game i have ever played

Why is that?!!!

Graphics was good, the guy really screams like a maniac when he hits the tree and I love that!, the thing is I tried what you said about the rock that fall from teh above, when the first rock fall I took him to the right side and den you said when the second rock falls go to the middle of the screen and so I did but the next thing I know is that the rock fell in the middle of the screen, and hell I was really shocked 'cause I'm about to finish it, I really appreciated your awesome game but such random events make it very complicated. But you guys really did great nice graphics for only quarter to 1mb, genuis. Keep it up!!


I love how this guy screems when he hits the tree waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! awsome yet funny