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Reviews for "Crazy Steven"

Good Game

I couldn't get past the rocks though :(

This game is crunchy, now only if I had...

Mountain Dew. Good Job.

Loved it

How did you make that glowing effect?! I need a glowing effect EXACTLY LIKE THAT ONE! How did you make it?! stealthbeast@comcast.net


this is pure genius i swear to god u are my new favorite person of the day lol wow that game was fantastic lol especially since im training to be a firefighter lol i could just see myself riding a donkey lol wow 10's and 5's all the way buddy keep up the KICKASS work


There are a lot of games out there featuring some psychopath running around killing people, but this is a good one! I imagine you tried to combine three random elements together - what do a fireman, sword, donkey, and floating money have in common? - and came up with this game, a very nice job. Maybe the frame rate was a little slow, but that in many ways adds to the insanity; it might not be as funny in conjunction with the [original?] music if it were blazing fast.