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Reviews for "Halo 3 2:Halo 4 The Movie"


Jeez, this made me laugh so hard! I watched it now for the 6th time in a row... pretty damn funny, I wanna see more of this!

wtf wtf wtf!!

what the fuck....but in a good way:P


This is freakin funny. All the people who gave you bad reviews are stupid. This was the best Halo flash ever. !0/10!!

halo rocks

this flash awesome. i thought it was funny and im surprised on how long it was. i feel like playing halo rite now cause its fun!!!!

Super Slippery Gravy Action Maddness!


That was super slippery gravy action maddess man! You're my flavorite flasher on the plernert earth. I lerved the way master cheeves lerked with his ARMOR OFF! Shazzam *little fist*! He was all like give me herrrrrgs little wons! HERGS ALL EROUERND! LOLZORS PORTALCORDS!

You know what you should does for the nerxt wern? You should here's what youer should deroo. Make sandwhich man fight the mister cheeves, master cheeves sorry I know speell great LOLZORS PORTALSNIFF! bUt you should have put me in the next one!!! i'll be alls like "take a listen mr master cheeves me and sandwhich mean have joined FORCES TO REACH THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN WHERE THE unilope run freezors.!!"" totally do that!!

10 from me mr cheeves!