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Reviews for "Halo 3 2:Halo 4 The Movie"


Wow! This is like the next disaster labs!

MC's oversized battlerifle and the Arbiter's "insane skills" were great. Also, I love how it felt like a GI joe dub, because the voice actting was horrible, but the animation was great.
Very creative. Made me laugh numerous times. Also, looping the animation made it even more like a dub, which was great.

Best flash since 8 bytch fyve.



That was SWEET!
Some really good graphics in there only one prob
next the arbiter gets bitten and chief survices anyways.
Good flash man really sweet.


i've suddenly been saying homerun alot after discovering your first film about a week ago on newgrounds.. now seeing the sequel i have the urge to use it in every third sentance...homerun....
i love the unique style of your films...make more they're funny as fuck...homerun

Thanks alot, ass..

Now I'm going to be saying "Homerun" for the next 3 months.

Try more of this

Ahh Waterman, you've grown much funnier I see. The only flash that has actually made me laugh on this site in a long time.