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Reviews for "Halo 3 2:Halo 4 The Movie"

haha that was awesome

hahaha that was one of the funniest things ive seen in days. will there be a halo 5?

Oh man! Homerun.

That was so freaking hilarious! Homerun!
"Be good children be good. Hooooooooome *dies*" Homerun!
Oh god that was the best Halo flash ever! Homerun.


THAT'S A FUCKIN' 5 Right there, boy!

Very nice parody.

I don't think people understand that this is a Halo parody, its meant to be a joke. I bet those are the same 15 year olds who spam up the Bungie.net forums and can't get above a level 20 so they have to cheat.


Arbiter is swinging his sword in the air