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Reviews for "Halo 3 2:Halo 4 The Movie"


This is the funniest halo parody i have seen today


No, really, this is pretty funny! I like the way the two characters look when they run and stuff. The voices sound pro too. And the red haired creeped me right the hell out... i mean, look at him... heh, but its the funny kind of creepy. good job with the graphics and everything

But, im no expert on Halo, but doesn't the Arbiter have 4 digits on his hands instead of 3? ok, so that doesn't matter. Point is you did great.

love it

ha ha ha sweet


That was absolutely hilarious! The arm flailing got me going, but the sheer randomness of it made me burst out laughing several times!

Gotta love Master Cheif's magical healing powers. ;]


Best Halo parody I've ever seen. The voices were genius. This was great. I detect epic win!