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Reviews for "Hellbound"


mmmm pretty fun i liked it....music was perfect got pretty challenging...Great Job


Nice retro-style u got there. i loved when the enemies popped up and that Pwtuiat sound. The main menu aint bad either. I loved the music and graphics were good, but it kinda ruined the retro-effect, being so well drawn. Oh well, i give u a 5 in rating.

Peace out.


man, i enjoyed playing that so much, couldnt stop playing over and over

Very addictive.

Great game dude. Can't get enought of it :D Retro felling is very good, the game plays smootly, and the music fits in perfectly. Don't mind for that guy before me that gave you all zeros, he's an idiot :) This game totally deserves front page.

My wrist hurts. LOL

I've never finished the game yet. I love the old gameboy-style music, never get tired of that! And Devlin's an adorable looking demon :) I wonder what happens at the end...

Ophyr responds:

Thanks :) You'll finish it eventually I hope ;)

And yay for Turmion Katilot, they rock!