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Reviews for "Hellbound"


Great game, love it


full points for originality (and everything else)

make more that was so pwng!!!!!!!!!!!1

devlin is awsome

I can see this becoming huge.

It's a very stylish little game, with a strong emphasis on simple things like platforming and jumping, something you don't see much of nowadays. The music and sound effects are perfectly suited to the retro environment you said you were looking for, and the speed difference as it progresses through the game is well-balanced.

One suggestion I have for the game is perhaps periodic colour changes, emphasising the point that the player is getting further into the game. Instead of orange and red, for example, you could have navy blue and silver. This would make the player realise, with every colour change, that the game is getting more difficult and would add additional tension to the gameplay.

Overall, excellent. If you do develop it for mobiles / cellphones, count me in.


good stuff. nice and old. Pity that people never check the release date and blurt out dumb shit like MAKE THE SEQUEL BETTER!!! haha good work man!