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Reviews for "Hellbound"

Excellent game!

Reminds me of a SNES game. Very fun. Keep up the good work.

Ophyr responds:

Thanks :)

that was so cool!

the game was not only really fun to play but the storyline was interesting and the demon was sooo adorable.

The Music!

Okay, I would've thought this was a pretty neat game regardless. The small character was fun and its a challenge.

But the music! My God, the Music!
The menu, score, and death music sounds EXACTLY like the music from Seiklus! I love it!

This is your first? Impressive!

Not bad my friend, not bad at all. I loved the old school feel to your game. Though I got very angry with my self when i found out u can jump on the enemies (and...I've...gotten...so...far...XD).

he is cute

go little devlin