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Reviews for "Hellbound"

Excellent game

Addictive. Plus it reminded me of super mario and pokemon for some unknown reason.

great just great

well i loved the art and the graphics

i also loved the sounds they were great

the style hmmmmmmmm these kinda games are a biiit played out there are so many of these around but this is kinda different

the violence well not much except for head stompin lol!!!!!?!?!?!?

interactivity well its a game plenty of interactivity

humor.................OU CAN JUMP ON PPLS HEADS

so overall you get a 10|10 annd a 5|5


holey crap!! i love this game!! so 70's!! woop woop!!! love it!! 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

My god!

This game rocks! *Adds to favorites*There is nothing wrong with it...But the score thing but thats aright!


this game is fun but this is the only website i can find it on