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Reviews for "Hellbound"

The Music!

Okay, I would've thought this was a pretty neat game regardless. The small character was fun and its a challenge.

But the music! My God, the Music!
The menu, score, and death music sounds EXACTLY like the music from Seiklus! I love it!


I think this game i really funny, but also kind of easy. I just hopped from enemy to enemy, and i just jumped from high places to low places. Anyway, good job!

This is a cool game.

The little devil thing is creative and What are those things that bounce up and down.

what program

hey i just wanted to know what program do you use for making the music ... ive heard those music when i download games ...
then when i install it on the installation there comes a music like that one .. its called CLASS or somethin like that

what program you use for the music ?

Ophyr responds:

It's a freeware tracker program that you can find at www.skale.org :)

he is cute

go little devlin