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Reviews for "Hellbound"

Not bad

This is actually one of the very few games that i've played on NG that works perfectly. most other games lag too much and skips alot too, but not this one. This is a very simple and easy game with good graphics, although it gets boring quickly. The story line is very original. Nice work here.

Ophyr responds:

Thanks for the review :)


Not violent enough. I guess its just my opinion but you need a little more monsters and obstacles than just falling... but you did better than I ever could on games let alone graphics sooo I like it. The characters kinda cute too cuz its so small.

Ophyr responds:

If you hold on till the higher levels, alot more demons will appear, I figured it might be too hard for some players when loads of demons are spawned right in the beginning.

I liked this.

It's funny that you wrote that you tried to make it feel retro, because that was one of the first things that I noticed about this, and my favorite aspect of this. While it's not terribly complex or complicated, Its replay value is high because of that good-old-fashioned 80s arcade game style.

beep boop

freakin love that song!!!


I actually enjoyed this game quite a bit, despite its lack of originality. It makes for a good time-killer. Keep up the good work.