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Reviews for "Hellbound"


I like this game =) Is that a red pikachu?

Especially dig the music which sounds like those midi's accompanying key generators, cracks etc. LOL. Where did you get the music? Did you make it yourself?

Ophyr responds:

Red pikachu, hehe :D

I made the music using Skaletracker :)

That rocked !! Truly

love your flashes knox! seen em' all, digged em' al.. i don't laugh easyly but when he started crying about his mug though the other guy lost his arm. that was just hllarius :) keep it up

Ophyr responds:

I think you placed this review on the wrong movie :x

this game is big fun

I played it on and on but it never really changed. i kinda missed a change. everything looks the same and you dont even see a change in the levels. the game idea and gameplay both rock - and I love the sound.

Excellent !

And thanks for the retro style ! Even the music felt good. Quite an addictive game.
The gameplay is very interesting. I had play shaft games like this before but never with this level of fun. Thanks !


This game is pretty addictive, I also love games with sprites; they seem a lot cooler. The game should have instuctions, but still overall, good game.