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Reviews for "Hellbound"

ok this is swell just swell!!!!

ill give you 10/10 if it was possible! on your side could you set the main theme? i love it! keep the good games comming!!!


i feel like i were playing a nes game XD!!! 16 bits

keeped me there for like 40mins lol very good

this is a good game but like wats the top lvl?? and yes there r more monster demon things ones that shoot at u um the graphic r alright the gameplay will keep u up at the screen for like maybe 20mins+ keeped me there playing it like 5 times i got up2 lvl 6 and 7 everytime its kinda around normal and hard for some people maybe a abit more sound or soemthing? maybe like number 2 of it but u go right or left instead of down like go through lvls i dnt no well u did a gr8 job =[)

Wooow side effects

Wow after playing this gamne for a while, the whole world starts to move wierd itsd really cool. very addicting game. Whow i need a cigarette im so dizzy.


I loved it. Great game, keep up the good work!