Reviews for "Hellbound"


That was awful. I had to squint to see anything that was going on. It couldn't have looked smaller on a cell phone. The gameplay was repetitive. All I did the entire time was move left or right. Why bother killing enemies if they are out of view in 2 sec anyway?


Great work, for your first game! This is the kind of stuff that makes me glad I came back to NG. Keep up the good work; you can only get better from here.

If I know anything about actionscript I would like to look at the source when it's released.. I might learn something, haha. It reminds me of some game or minigame, I don't remember what.. Hmm.. Overall, great work, a 5/5, and 9/10 from me. As aforementioned, perhaps try to add some more things to get in your way, powerups, or something. it can add some spice to a game, and even make the simplest of games a touch better, not to say you are off to a roaring start already!

great game!

It was really simple, and lots of fun


it was the same thing the entire time, it got really boring like, 3 minutes in.
It could be a fun game if you just added stuff to make it more....exiting.


for half an hour im going down on the steps not realizing that the point of the game is to land on the bats....Bah..