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Reviews for "Hellbound"


I love the retro style of it, the music is awesome and the graphics are beautiful, some may disagree, but I love pixel drawings. It's like playing an old NES game or something. Did you do the all the art yourself coz the sprites look lifted from a real game, if you did draw them then that just shows how accurately you recreated a style! Also, it's tremendous fun, takes a while before it gets hard, but still compelling.

Ophyr responds:

Thanks for the review !

I did all art myself. Devlin, the enemies and the platforms were drawn in MSPaint, the rest in Flash :)

I'm glad you like the music, some people who played it before the release begged for a 'sound off' button ;)

I forgot to mention that it's possible to beat the game if you survive until level 10 :)

I.m.o. the real fun starts around level 6 ~ 7 when more demons appear!