Reviews for "The New Backmask 1"


How did you find these , it must be a some sort of coincidance !

Smoking Spoon Studio


lol wow that was pretty cool. I think u should make it into like a trivia thing where we have to guess what they said backwords but we can play it as many times as we want to figure it out. If we can't we click on a button that says i give up and see how close we were to guess what the message was because it was alot more fun trying to figure out what the song was saying then just rolling over immediately.


Wow i was blow away by some of those
stair way to heaven is kinda creepy 0-o

So . . .

The devil will wake up and eat Chef Boyardee Beeferoni? Some backtrack lyrics are intended to be create, while others are accidental, but I think you know that already. Anyways, it is good and willing to wait for the second installment!

Fucking hilarious.

Though I think that the backwards message within "Another One Bites the Dust" is questionable, I really got a kick out of this.