Reviews for "A bamboo hat"


I liked your fishing more than this one but it certainly has that wonderful touch that you haev. Marverlous! One little teenie tiny suggestion... don't leave the background comletely white. It makes such a strong contrast to the black lines and it's fine but it deadens the wonderful subtleness of your short. It could have been a very light cream color or something else really light, green, blue, whatever... Nice touch with limited colors, music is awesome. rain is wonderful! just the white, you know. Good work!


The simple style and the sounds really did fit it perfectly. I think that the sound effects were a little loud, but oh well.

Still, the morale was incredible. I'm going to be thinking of this Flash everyday.


I must say this flash movie waz amazing.this is the best East flash movie of all! you are pretty good.NO F**king amazing good are you! I am only a f**k head swedish idiot som cant make a flash movie :( but this is so best! :)

the reviews

wtf that is not wat i said i mean wat the fuck is that doesnt show up fuck it
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Very cute, I found it enjoyable.