Reviews for "A bamboo hat"

geat job

good sayings about communism. burgers for everyone. and hats. Well done comrade!

Wonderful animation.

Only misconception is lovelly revolutionary bear was conjesting foul symbol of gluttony from Capitalist Pigs. Rice Ball next time.

I need to help support this guy

He's a Korean, not a Chinese person. Please, everyone, stop spamming your hurtful or helpful words towards the Chinese to this person. Spam it at the rain, for it is universally a nuisance, as shown in this flash animation. Just makes me wonder where he pulled out the second burger. Still, I liked the idea of friendship.


that bamboo hat guy was a good guy he look weird a little but he is great.


Made me smile, very cute video. I loved the art style, too, it fit the story well.