Reviews for "Low Drag - [8-bit]"

good job

nice music for an beginner and also 8 bit ALso supports 16bit patterns too
so add real instuments

Coffee-Break responds:

Thank you very much. ^_^
Although it supports 16-bits patterns, I think I will stick to 8-bit for now.


I totally love the video game genre. Sounds like you really tried on this one. 5/5 .. 10/10

Coffee-Break responds:

I'm glad you like it, thanks a lot mate!


Damn this song rocks! Thumbs up

Reminds me of Megadeth.

More specifically, Never Walk Alone. That in itself is enough to earn my liking, but the fact that it's 8-bit is a major deal-sweetener.

Well done!

Coffee-Break responds:

Nice call. I love Megadeth. A lot of my 8-bit tunes is inspired by them especially the track "Boss Theme" which is inspired by Hangar 18.

Thank you.

I guess I didn't review that one

Thank you for creating something that fits so well with Nanobeast, you beast, you.