Reviews for "Low Drag - [8-bit]"

not great everywhere

Sadly the harmonies at the 1:00 part dont sound right, also its a bit bland on the melody. But i 'can hear you have potential, im sure if you sit down and try to make something truly original (compositionwise, you need suprise in music especially music based on an era where you had to suprise to be noticed as the instruments were all improvised, the progressions of this piece are much to predictable) you are going to have easy 10s and 5s for me.

But im happy there are more bit composers on ng now. :)

Coffee-Break responds:

Thanks for your review.
I have sent you PM with a proper response. :-)


I love it! the beat is awesome, and I tell ya one thing, i'd rock to this if it were on an NES game. mind if I ask, what did you use to create this? Keep rockin the 8-bit, man! :D


I totally love the video game genre. Sounds like you really tried on this one. 5/5 .. 10/10

Coffee-Break responds:

I'm glad you like it, thanks a lot mate!

This is THE BEST video game music ever!

Lol only
39 votes
290 listens
And average score: 10.0 / 10 :D
Deserves it :D Long live 8/16 bit!

Coffee-Break responds:

Wow thanks a lot!
Although I don't think it's the best videogame music ever. ;-)


love the well placed beats. would sute a PixelJam game!

Coffee-Break responds:

Thanks a bunch mate. :-)