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this is the best man:-)

OMG this is awesome man keep it up man!!!!!!!

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i was expecting the song to be silent then POW! it blasted me! awesome song!

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Haha thanks!

Your epic remix, my epic review xD

You guys seriously gave a new name to Tetris. I really liked this remix, I'm pretty sure it's the best on Newgrounds. This remix is just epic, and like your other songs, it leaves me begging for more. Good job on this, it's songs like this that deserve to be among the best of all time on NG. To hell with 0-bombers :(.

Obviously, since this is a remix, I can't credit you for the melodies since the melody is Tetris not your own, but I really liked the little variations of the Tetris melody which you added such as at 2:01. You added your own touch to it. I really hate remixes which keep the same structure, the same feel and the same note progression as the original song, but you changed around a lot of stuff in the Tetris melody, and made this more than just your everyday techno remix of Tetris. I also liked the mixture of 8-bit and techno in this, it sounds really interesting, especially towards the end where the song turns 8-bit for a few seconds. That part really made me smile since not only did you add your unique touch to Tetris but still managed to retain some of the original Tetris feel to it. By the way, the break at 1:24-ish was pure awesomeness. TL;DR: this sounds amazing.

The synths sound really, really cool. Loved the main synth you used, and the background synths complimented it extremely well. One of the only things I can complain about would be the lack of bass in this song. The synths themselves sound a bit high-picthed and could benefit with some more bass. Also, the song gets really loud at times, I think you could even out the volume a bit more, since I'm always forced to turn the volume down when your song pops up in my playlist. Other than those two really tiny nitpicks, the synths were sublime and the effects you added to the song such as the filters on the synths and the cool sound effect at 1:50-ish were also awesome.

When it comes to the transitions, I was very impressed. At first I thought the transition at 0:28-ish was way too sudden, but now I'm starting to like it since whenever I show this song to someone, I make the turn the volume up really really high so that the soft intro won't be so loud, and then when the song really kicks in at 0:28, I give them a fright because of the sudden volume change >:3. The transition to 8-bit at the end was just amazing. New instruments wre introduced very well, and buildups were really professionally done, especially the buildup in the break. Seriously, you guys are too good :3.

The structure was awesome, and I don't really have much to complain about it. Variety, on the other hand, could use some work. I'm not saying that the song got repetitive, since you added so many different things to the Tetris melody that it never got boring, but I was hoping that the alternate melody of Tetris A would come in, since you only used the main melody for the whole song. I think that if you add Tetris's alternate melody, it'd make the song a bit less predictable. Intro was really cool since it started soft but then was awesome when it kicked in, and the outro was extraordinary. Who knew 8-bit outros could be so damn awesome. Basically, the only thing I'm whining about in this paragraph would be the lack of the Tetris alternate melody, since other than that the variety, structure, intro, and outro were great.

The drums, wow... I seriously love that beat. Drum samples were really, really good, and the beat was just epic. In my opinion the drums really added to the submission and when they came in the song, I was left breathless. The only nitpick I have with the drums would be the lack of beat variety as TheSongSalad said. Still, those drums sound so superb that I probably won't care if I heard the same beat all day :P.

Overall, this submission is excellent. For a melody which has been remixed time and time again here on NG, it's actually very original, and the best word to describe this song would be epic. Keep up the fantastic work, the Audio Portal needs more artists like you :D. Ouch, long review again... :\

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Simply Brilliant!

this is one heck of a fantastic song. I simply love the tetris theme in any form whatsoever, but this is just taking it to a whole new level. Uve taken that same iconic theme that so so many people have tried to remix and made it into something legendary.

Starting off brilliantly from the intro with a stunning use of that love philter effect, transitioning well into the main melody. which then morphed into some really cool sub melodies and interludes. Then it ended with a fantastic fade out which just left me on my knees begging for more.

Overall, what can i say? SIMPLY AMAZING!

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All I have to say is...