Reviews for "Holiday Greeting Card"

well good

i liked it, i would love a HTML vesion to e-mail to me mates

EagleRock responds:

Thanks for the kind review! :-)

Oh the Joy.

Wondrous man, I had no clue that you did flash. Great job on your first submission, or first one to make it past review! Congrats, and Happy Holidays! *damn PC term*

EagleRock responds:

I had to learn flash for work, which actually spawned my return to Newgrounds (for tutorials). And yes, if it was my way, it'd say Merry Christmas, but oh well.

Thanks for the review, bud! Nice hearing from you!

Thats cool

It is Happy Holidays because not everyone celebrates Christmas, Bryan_Benko.

Nice Job man. Happy Holidays to you too.

EagleRock responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate your review! :-)

Pretty well done.

So, in essence this is just an advertisement for your company? =). No, it was pretty well done. The art was very good, and it created a nice atmosphere. Too bad x mas is over now =(. You should try making a flash with a story line. I bet it could be great.

EagleRock responds:

It wasn't an advertisement, as we are simply a lab to William Paterson. The card was intended for those that work with us as a nice holiday note.

I appreciate your nice comments about the art, as I really was stressing on doing things the right way the first time. I've seen too many bad flash to know what poor art looks like.

I do plan on making a game in the future, so we'll see how I do. I do have a degree in Comp Sci, so doing the AS shouldn't be hard for me. We'll see.

Thanks for your review!

Nice work on this

I assume it's your first flash. Good job on it. Could use work, but it's an '05 submission, not to mention a greeting card, so I can understand.

EagleRock responds:

Yep...first flash, unless you count the stuff I had practiced on before I made this...

But yeah, it's not a complete winner, but I thought at least good enough for protection. I really had made this for work, but wanted to give credit to Khuskan for using his music, so I submitted it here as well just so he could be recognized. Also, I was interested in seeing how NG would review it, so it was all good!

If I do make another Flash in the future, it'll probably have more of a purpose and wouldn't be as simplistic. Thanks for the review!