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Reviews for "Naruto vs. Sasuke (Mini)"


By the looks of the animation and moves. You copied the sprites and moves of the naruto fighting game on computer naruto mugen.

This flash is TRASH

anyone that gave this flash a 10 doesnt know the meaning of greatness. This flash is trash, and if u failed to recognize that, then u dont deserve to be giving scores. Like u even know whats good !! please !


Lame.Sasuke got hit by clones?Yeah right and that rasengan looked awful.Work on it dude.

hate it for my own resons

1.u made sasuke look bad.
2.not much of a fight.
3.i love sasuke,yes thats how my 1st reson came to mind.

but u still made sense.naruto was using too much chakra.he fainted.that made perfect sense.

Bad Bad BAD

0 for getting it wrong naruto cant multi 3 times then use rasengan uses too much chakra and rasengan might as well have been him spinning a kunai knife