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Reviews for "Naruto vs. Sasuke (Mini)"

mmm its okay

0 for graphics since its ripped off sprites but good work keep it up!

nice job

i really liked it ^_^.But....doesn't the chidori kill ppl as soon as they are hit well gaara lives because of the sand and narutolives because of the red charkra but i didnt see him get healed with it when he got hit. but it was pretty awsome!

good job

its nice to see a naruto vs sasuke dun rite


Nice flash could do even more with voices. The sounds were realistic and GrimSavior your right it is called Rasengan you @$$ wipe below him.

Pretty good!

you did a pretty good job. And the guy that reviewed below me: The last attack was called rasengan you stuped DUB watcher.