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Reviews for "Naruto vs. Sasuke (Mini)"

This flash is TRASH

anyone that gave this flash a 10 doesnt know the meaning of greatness. This flash is trash, and if u failed to recognize that, then u dont deserve to be giving scores. Like u even know whats good !! please !

Bad Bad BAD

0 for getting it wrong naruto cant multi 3 times then use rasengan uses too much chakra and rasengan might as well have been him spinning a kunai knife


Great fight, Great Flash, Make another, NOW... I'm bored again, lol. (But seriously, make more, and i loved the Rasengan, lol.)


i liked when naruto blew sasuke away with the rasengan,.and it hilarious to see him get blown away with a shurikem\n.nice job 10/10 stars.hooe you get 1 st place

Totally wrong

I'm giving you a two beacause almost ALL of it is wrong. Naruto can't use Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu three times in a row. That would deplete his chakra all the way and kill him. Also, the Rasengan is a shuriken. -_- Learn Naruto.