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Reviews for "Naruto vs. Sasuke (Mini)"


It's about time somebody made a more than half decent flash. I got tired of blamming worthless shit all over this website. You did good guy. Real good!!! I would give you a ten, but I'm a dark. Other than that, keep it up and work on your style. You got what it takes.


Yay ^^
Naruto Rulz
RPGMaker Sounds Rulz
Background Musik Rulz

This is a Flash movie of my taste buddy...
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it was pretty good...

... but the ending was a bit crappy

Awsome man :)

I love sprite flashes so I really liked that. It was short but the animetions were smooth so it wasnt cheesy great job for sure. I am making a sprite dedicated to anime rap and sprite flashes could I put that on my site? if thats ok e-mail me and skyflyer_05@hotmail.(com) saying its ok cuz i would really like to put that up. Anyways I am gonna go check out ur other flashes cuz I liked this one.

Not Bad, Not Bad

Im not a big fan of sprites and not big fan of Naruto, but i like flash animation with some action or meaning. Yes i like how these characters spawns in different locations and fight in different ways, but there arent alot of visual effects to support the....you know....visuals(its my opinion, u be the judge), since it is a sprite, its been originally templated for you and you can add a good cherry or any other delicious fruit, on top of that cake.