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Reviews for "Naruto vs. Sasuke (Mini)"

Nice Job

It Was Cool The Sprites and evrythin


needs blood though but still its really good

= cool

naruto = cool
sprites = cool
anybody who thinks otherwise = ... (< fill in whatever you want)
Nice job ;)

Great Sprite Work

Not only did you do a great job with the animation in this flash, you also followed the anime quite well with the individual attacks and special moves that both Sasuke and Naruto use on a regular basis. Great work.

The use of music from the series in this flash (while definitely a mush have for any Naruto animation) was well picked out as well.

Guess I have to raise my standards.

Because Seriously, most of the new flash that comes down the pipe has made me lower my standards, and I'm a neutral! But really, this is some nice work. Everything ran smoothly and I found myself liking something about Naruto that wasn't a parody. Keep up the good work.