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Reviews for "Naruto vs. Sasuke (Mini)"

Good work!

Yes, indeed as the title says.
That must have been the best Naruto sprite fight I've ever seen,
and I've seen quite many actually.

Well how about the graphics? Well, since you didn't draw any yourself really, I'll guess I give you an 9/10 for sprite skill.

The sounds were wisely put together in the movie
and, it was actuall Naruto themes, so I'll give it a strong 8.

Well I do got a tip, and that is... eh... well I can't remeber it right now so I'll guess I have to say;

Keep it up,
and I will look forward to see other sprite movies made by you.

good one

that was a pretty good Naruto sprite fight. pretty good moves in it too. it was a blast to watch, i liked this one. good work on it.


I'm really not a huge sprite fan, but the NarutoFan in me required I watch. I was really pleased. With low expectations based on the format I was definitely surprised. Very nice flash. Do more of them. ^.^


Sprites are really hot.


i've definatly seen better but this is fucking sweet