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Reviews for "Naruto vs. Sasuke (Mini)"


i didn't give it very much in any catagory seeing as you kinda' just ripped everything from the game. also naruto flashes disapoint me because though i love the series the flashes never live up to it (sadly). whatever, i'm sure you're great at sprites, i just have no taste for them.

Ignore the last guy.

He is just jealous... and hyperactive.

Nice use of Naruto music and sprites... good job.
Chidori was perfect, but the Rasengan looked weird in sprite form however....


An awesome series with an awesome flash to go with it.


OMG THIS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was like a naruto game man kage bunshin no jutsu! STAYLE WAS AWSOME.

Nice.. except

The Rasengan sprite kind of sucked, but the rest was awesome. Wish you showed when Naruto used kayubi, I love to watch those.

P.S. I put a zero on sound because I have none.