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Reviews for "Naruto vs. Sasuke (Mini)"

T'was okay.

Though, I am a experianced rm2k3 user, I knew those sounds even before you mentioned them in the credits ;D

nothing special really!

well what can i say i dod not found it that interesting i ecpected more really anyways graphics not that good but keep it up!

hmmm... i expected more

It sure was entertaining but i expected a bit more of it. The whole scene got so much more potencial in it. Just a few more sounds here, a little more speed in animation of sprites there and so on. When I was clicking to start the movie stuff from the actual meeting of Naruto an Sasuke came to my mind, the movie was just above avarage. I couldnt't do it better(cause I suck :P) but I have seen better. You have much room for improvement and this movie shows that you can do better. But as you said yourself " It's just a little one"

really good sprite animation.

Actually Naruto has survived a full-on attack from the chidori in the series, he was healed by the nine-tails fox within him.

Awesome, a little unrealistic to Naruto, though

I liked it a lot, but, as the previous guy said, I don't think Naruto could survive if he got hit full-on by Chidori. Also, you could have put Rasengan (I think that's it) in there, Naruto tends to use that a lot...but the shadow clones, geeze, so typical of him. Oh yeah, it could also use a bit of sharingan in there...If you plan on making another Naruto fight spriting, Itachi and Orochimaru is one that I think a lot of people would want to see.