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Reviews for "Naruto vs. Sasuke (Mini)"

Blew me away.

That was amazing. I love the show and it was pretty sweat that in the end Naruto won and the fact that it was fast paced was great. The only thing was that I thought Sasuke would have used his Sharingan and that Naruto would have been really ticked and unleased the Demon Fox within him. Other than that I thought it was wonderful.

good but

i really liked the only problem is that its a little to slow and chopy make it flow better...and not so repetative.....then it would be great

That was great!!

i like naruto, i watch it every week !!!!!!!!


That was GOLD man...omfg...
Excuse me for saying, but the sprites are ADORABLE. XD

But, besides that, the flash, as a whole, still rocked.
Keep it up man. ^_-

dude that rocked

man naruto is the shiznit, I'm adding your movie to favorites!!!!! woo-hooo dude that was awsome!!!!!