Reviews for "xKore - Lost In Translation"

pretty AWESOME!!!!!!

this is a fantastic song! i applaud to dis song.

Euphoric feeling

This is very nice. Its accuaaly relaxing i just love it all


i normally don't like drumm and base. but i love what you did with the vocals.. its becomming your profession!! ( by that i mean that you also used it in speechless)

the beginning is a bit painfull for your ears...maybe a fix there? the rest is awesom:)

billyB i <3 reviews back

/// Voted 5

Started out pretty hard, but then it build into this amazing and smooth tune. I love the vocal i must say.


Will u marry mah? :D



Needs cleaning

It sounded great on your myspace, I loved every part of this song. Again, the sound does need some refining, especially the intro. I LOVE beautifully mixed female voices. Even without the voice, the driving and ambient synths would've done good enough for me. I'll give 10/10 to a cleaner version.