Reviews for "xKore - Lost In Translation"


So, liek, i'd never herd of you until tonight.
XKore is God at DnB/Techno/Sex.
Maek babies with meh. jk.
But yeah, you got liek a myspace page?


im putting this on my ipod right now


I really like the atmosphere of the whole song. The bass for some reason was a little subtle, that could be my crappy earphones, and to tell you the truth I was thinking that you were going to do much more with the bass. I thought the vocals were a little repetitive. Maybe have her speak in coherent sentences near the end of the song, it might give it a cool twist. The fill around 1:06 was kind of weird but it works. These might not be the best suggestions but I think their viable ideas. Overall I thought it was great and definitely a nice change from those super hardcore gritty bass DnB. You always have the ear for originality.

Good luck with this song.


5/5 4.31 / 5.00 (+ 0.14)

This is hot

I like this a lot. The vocals could stand out a little more imo.

Best. Music. Ever.

Soon to be the most popular thing on Newgrounds.