Reviews for "xKore - Lost In Translation"


i normally don't like drumm and base. but i love what you did with the vocals.. its becomming your profession!! ( by that i mean that you also used it in speechless)

the beginning is a bit painfull for your ears...maybe a fix there? the rest is awesom:)

billyB i <3 reviews back

Euphoric feeling

This is very nice. Its accuaaly relaxing i just love it all

pretty AWESOME!!!!!!

this is a fantastic song! i applaud to dis song.

Yeah i never herd of you before either!

This song really sets me back! It's a reminder that it's the little things that make songs so great. I have to say, this is now one of my favorite if not my favorite song ever. xKore, you should seriously think about selling your music because youve got a real skill going for you. Nice choice of title! seriously the title is the only reason i chose this song! i thought it soundid kind of funny. But then i realised it was right on target. the title truly defines the song.

The Intro: 10/10
Nice liberation style at the beggining, building up by stage, constantly teasing by staying on the same 2 notes with the bass, and then, when the vocals kick in, showing your real colours. The opening in this song is truly professionnal. taking your time in this one really paid off!

Choice of Instruments: 9/10
The bassline sends waves of goose bumps through my body. Especialy at the beggining! but for some reason, if you listen clossely, it seems that the bass changes from the opening to the melody. Probably because of some noise issues in the oppening, but it is barely noticable since the bass quickly switches back.
I think the drums would of been beter if they had a little less power in them, but i guess you can't have everything.
the vocals are breathtaking because, first of all, you can't understand what shes saying, wich backs up the title i guess xD and they are short and easy to place anywhere in the song.
But its really all the other effects and ambient synths that make this song so good. Really making this song feel more and more like a dream then a 2003 comedy staring Bill Murray.

Fade Out: 10/10
Ending the same way it starts may seem a bit cheap to some. But in this case, the song needs to keep the same feeling of complexity and subtility as it had in the beggining to really keep its title at the top of my favorit list xP.

Note: yeah this review wont be of any use to you because either you just wont read it, like most insanely awesome NG artists. or you will just concider me like any other fan. but im not... im more of the type of fan who comes and shoots you while your lying in bed next to Yoko Ono. nah thats a bad joke... i just dont want to appear normal, and i normaly dont. oh and if you do read this somehow... id really like to know what program your using! peace out!

xKore responds:

Hey man, I read your review, greatly appreciated dood :)

Oh xKore!

You're really starting to become an insane producer, aren't you? This really blew me away the first time I heard it.. And the second time.. And the 3rd time. It still makes my head spin whenever I listen to it, haha.

Again, I can't give this track any criticism as it's perfect in all areas, in my opinion anyway. The atmosphere is really calming and euphoric as are the vocals. The dirty bass and thick drums make a perfect contrast with the more calming aspects of the song too. I could go on but there's too much to compliment, lol.

Overall, I'd say this is a definite marking point in your evolution as a producer and I definitely think it will get signed. Good luck in future and for the love of god, make more dnb like this. Please!